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What’s the User Group / Community been up to?

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Hi, its Steven Law here, the Chair of the User Community with an update. It has been an exceptionally busy year for the Group, we have evolved into an active, vibrant online community with a new look and name.

As many of you know it all started with The Flare User Group, then we became the APP User Group, now it’s the APPCx Community, this reflected Civica’s new product - Cx. The Forum at the website, is much easier to use and as a result is more active. We appeal to all of you to sign up, head along to the website and click login, you be redirected to a login / signup page. The more of you that interact in the forum the better the whole community becomes. We have also gathered up a large bank of APP / Flare documents on the website, some not available widely anywhere else.

We held several User Group Community Events, over 100 attended each online session which was amazing. So many of you engaged with other members of the community, listened to a wide range of skilled presenters, and hopefully learned a lot. A reminder that a fair number of the presentations are available on the website forum. The sessions have all been recorded, if you want to avail of a link to the sessions drop me an email.

I would like to thank the Leadership Team for all their hard work during the year. There has been a lot of work pulling together events, coming up with ideas for the next event, liaising with Civica, supporting community members, social media content and special learning sessions, more of these are to come in September. In addition, we have been running the administration of the actual group, all on a voluntary basis.

We have been producing and circulating blog posts as Lunchtime read sessions, the shout goes out to any members who have something to say about anything related, just drop me an email with a 2 minute read, it will appear on the website and circulated to 100’s of individual members!

Many members who have not adopted Cx will not be aware of the work done within the community to learn and support this new community. Civica has been evolving, also, to ensure the product meets the needs of regulatory services users. The community and Civica are collaborating on different channels, using Trello, to highlight technical and strategic matters. (from support to Director level) The User Community has and continues to be crucial in this process. Thank you to Laura and Angie!

Thank you to all who are reading this for supporting this unique Community. No other software company works with such an active and well supported independent user community. That’s a tribute to you and to Civica.

If you have any comments please drop me a message, watch out for a message from Keith Bean, your treasurer, we need your continued support to keep the community in its prime position.

Finally I look forward to seeing in May, next year, in person at Woodland Grange for a return of the ‘live‘ learning event.

Best wishes and keep safe.

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