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LGA calls for increase in Fly-Tipping penalties

Fly-tipping continues to pose environmental risks and cost tax payers millions each year. The government is urged to increase penalties and suggest manufacturers offer ‘take-back’ service for items. Is your team faced with serial fly-tippers?

“Fly-tipping is inexcusable. It is not only an eyesore for residents, but a serious environmental and public health risk, creating pollution and attracting rats and other vermin. It also costs local taxpayers millions of pounds a year to clear up.”

Cllr David Renard Environment spokesperson for the Local Government Association

Read the full article.

Safeguard public health You can monitor all fly-tipping cases, the spread of diseases, and complaints using Cx Environmental Health. Officers can access and update information from any location, helping your council to act fast.

Post published jointly with: Luke Norfolk Managing Director, Civica Regulatory Services

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