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We're listening and need your expertise!

Your passion for your sector is clear and it's super important to us that we deliver products that really support regulatory services officers on a daily basis. In addition, the last 12 months has reminded us bluntly that officers are constantly adapting to change, so it's an absolute must that we build flexibility into our products.

We're currently planning a period of additional intense testing and business context reviews to ensure we're delivering features that include support for new ways of working. With this in mind, we'd like some examples artefacts from a cross-section of members to help us test against.

Are you happy to send on any of the following?


  • Examples of any document templates

  • Example process flows

Environmental Health

  • Examples of configuration relating to PWS

  • Configuration relating to legislative checks

Trading Standards

  • Configuration relating to legislative checks


  • Configuration used for managing ASB

  • Configuration used for licensing within Scotland

  • Configuration used for housing enforcement

  • Configuration used for housing assistance

Choosing to be user group members, we've all got a desire to share knowledge to help each other reach best practice. Are you happy to help us?

Please email your examples to me ( or Steve Law who will forward them on.

Best wishes,


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