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Supporting Cx adopters

We trace our evolution from the original service-based Flare User Groups which morphed into the single Flare User Group and from there to the APP User Group and now the APP Cx Community. During that time, the way we deliver our support to members had not changed a great deal. There were the regular regional meetings, always supported by the company be that Flare, Flare Software Systems or Civica. Later we developed a website, since updated. The flagship event was our meeting at Stoke Rochford Hall and now we have moved to Woodland Grange. Other than the website we relied on face-to-face meetings to enlighten others on developments and to share experience. Of recent times we have had to evolve again to a new online community and an improved website. As more authorities chose to adopt Cx a further we needed to evolve once more. This time the initiative, initially, was from outside APP Cx Community.

A small number of the early trading standards Cx adopters got together and formed a group to look at their joint experiences. This group originally used Knowledge Hub, the free to use tool for public services. The credit for the original idea goes to Laura Cridland from Devon who very successfully managed this group. The work conducted was significant and needed as Cx developed it wider audience, after brief discussion with the originators, the APP Cx Community took over hosting the regular meetings. This enabled the group to expand and from those early meetings it became apparent that, with the number of comments and issues, we needed an approach to Civica management to give a united voice to the fundamental issues.

The original online meetings with Civica management highlighted the areas of concern and, at the suggestion of Emily Douglin, we started a Trello board, this is an app where jointly tasks are managed, tracked, and shared. This is the main tool used to keep track of progress.

The next stage in the evolution was to open this group to every authority where we are aware that they have embarked on the Cx trail. The first of these wider meetings has taken place and they we schedule these for every three weeks.

Some of the original issues were around functionality and this led to requests for enhancements. We looked at what is achievable and what is not. With only limited resources the APP Cx Community could not, nor wish to, have an ever-expanding list of enhancements. These are properly for each authority to negotiate. Nor could we enter any discussion on contractual matters.

What we could do was to take the most critical issues to most users and escalate these into a top five for both functionality and service requirements. Stephen Weeks from Swansea ( has stepped in and manages these top five. Stephen is happy to receive any suggestions as to what should be in the top five issues.

The easiest method of sharing these and other Cx issues, suggestions and solutions is through our website. There is a separate forum for Cx adopters, only accessible to those individuals whose authority working towards the implementation of Cx and who have registered for our website.

We hold the Cx Community catch up meetings every three weeks. To manage the increased numbers and to give everyone a voice we are looking at virtual breakout sessions to discuss any point raised as well as sessions for specific service topics. The objective to scrutinise the top five, make any changes necessary or even to add a possible ‘quick win’ topic. The constant emphasis is to develop Cx to the best advantage of the authorities involved.

That leads on to meetings between the APP Cx Community leadership team meet and key staff in Civica to understand progress, raise issues and look for solutions. These follow soon after the adopters’ meetings.

I hope this shows the work that your leadership team is undertaking to support every member authority who goes down this route to achieve a positive transition from APP to Cx.

Should anyone have any comment than please get in touch directly of through the various forums on our website.

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