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Protect consumers and safeguard communities from unfair trading

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

In the ongoing operation to stop the sale of illicit tobacco, Newport City Council Trading Standards has issued three-month ASB closures to a total of sixteen retailers this year. With 15% of the tobacco sales in Wales being illegal, this impact on unlawful sales is estimated to be over £500,000. In order to crack down on this, the council’s Trading Standards team is working on an HMRC-funded initiative. Read the full article. To support communities and businesses, and protect consumers, local authorities need to

tackle and prevent unfair trading practices as effectively as possible. With Cx Trading Standards, you can reduce administration, and increase productivity by managing tasks centrally. It simplifies communication across all channels and keeps you updated with alerts and notifications, accessible from anywhere.

Blog post published jointly with:

Luke Norfolk Managing Director, Regulatory Services

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