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Offline capability - Civica needs your help!

This blog is all about the future... future content for our next mobile app. We created the Cx Mobile Jobs functionality last year and this year we're moving onto Visits and Inspections.

The first steering group is this week and it's going to be a good one because we're expecting over 25 officers to attend. Steering groups are so important because they are our opportunity to heard from officers what problems they're trying to solve.

I know that not everyone can attend so I thought I'd blog about the content so to give everyone the opportunity to send us their views. The group is going to focus on answering a number of questions and these are below. I very much welcome your feedback on them, so feel free to answer one or all, it's up to you.

  1. Devices: Would you expect the officers to use a phone size device, or would they have access to a Tablet sized device. Points to consider:

    1. For a visit, the officer is likely to be entering, and needing more information on the device, than would be needed for a Service Demand, so would a phone be too small?

    2. Would officers also want to use Service Demands on a Tablet sized device?

  2. What service area(s) would be best suited to using a mobile solution for visits, Food Hygiene/Standards, Licencing?

  3. Is the ability to carry out the ‘Risk Rating’ on the device important, and if so, which rating scheme(s) would you like to see implemented first?

    1. The actual data entry for the Risk Rating could be carried out ‘offline’, but the final calculation would need a connection to complete the process, as the calculation would likely be completed via an API ‘call’ to Cx.

  4. Do you feel the ability to create a visit report, including ‘Standard Paragraphs’ on the device, something that would be important to the officers? The report could then be emailed to the business etc whilst still onsite (Dependant on suitable connection)

  5. How important would the option be to complete the visit whilst onsite, including booking a revisit where relevant, or closing the visit record where required?

  6. Is having the previous Risk History, and/or previous Visits reports available on the device important? This would likely be displayed in a HTML format.

  7. Upon passing data back to Cx, other than the Risk Rating, what areas/fields of the Cx Visit case would you expect to be able to update via the device?

  8. What additional information would you expect, or need to see on the device from Cx, relating to the business/entity that would be required during the visit?

  9. Samples/Checks and Tests on the mobile solution (for things like verification visits and legislative checks for compliance monitoring), what would you expect, or need to be able to do on the device in these areas?

Email me your thoughts at

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