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Helping our colleagues in India

As everyone is aware, India is currently grappling with a severe second wave of Coronavirus. Our teams are being impacted directly.

Civica is determined to do everything possible to protect our people and their families. We are organising vaccinations for all colleagues in India and their immediate family over the age of 18. In addition, we are helping employees living elsewhere in the world, with family members residing in India, to also secure a vaccination.

To further support our people and the community, Civica has set up a fundraising page to raise money for a 500-bed Coronavirus hospital to provide medical assistance. This will help to set up an intensive care unit to provide access to ventilators, oxygen, food and medicines. We have also pledged to top up this fundraising with a donation and have already helped with the provision of much needed medical equipment.

On the ground in Vadodara, our team is ensuring that all colleagues have the support they need. Through the company’s Employee Assistance Programme, colleagues can access webinars on COVID care and we are actively raising awareness about the importance of making plasma donations.

Our thoughts are with everybody in India at this devastating time.

If you would like to join us, please click here to make a donation.

Keep safe,


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