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Health & Safety Priorities for Professionals

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) surveyed professionals to obtain their views about health and safety priorities. The new report sets out some clear findings that focus on ways to improve the delivery of health and safety regulation. Some of the important aspects highlighted by the survey respondents were:

  • There is a perceived lack of proactive inspections due to limited resources leading to poor practices in managing public health and safety

  • Support could be given to LAs. For example, by providing free or low-cost training, resources, information, and development opportunities for authorised officers

  • There needs to be adequate resources allocated to health and safety regulation at a local level

  • Better collaboration to be established between HSE and the public health community to achieve the shared goals of protecting people from ill health and improving wellbeing. Read full report

Work smart with fewer resources Inadequate resources and lack of local intelligence reduces service efficiencies and effective enforcement. Cx Environmental Health, allows you to explore new working practices. It's in the cloud, so teams can conduct inspections smartly. The ease of communicating with citizens and its unique method of submitting applications, responding to complaints and requests make officers more productive and enables them to deliver better services. Discover Cx

Blog posted jointly with: Emily Douglin Managing Director, Regulatory Services

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