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Green energy for citizens

I need your input so please keep reading....

Climate change is a huge issue and is impacting us all one way or another. This won't stop and the outlook look bleak unless we do something about it.

Civica are researching initiatives that will support the reducing the impact of climate change and, at this current time, specifically reducing the need for fossil fuels.

We have been talking to an organisation that provides a mechanism to citizens and businesses to switch energy providers to those using solely renewable sources - and an idea came off the back of these conversations that I'd like to run by you:

How do you feel about putting a website link to green energy switching website on letters, emails and texts that go to citizens? This would enable them to switch to green energy sources and save money on their energy bills.

Your feedback is incredibly valuable. Please can you fill in this extremely quick survey (two questions) and give me your thoughts?

All the best!


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