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Fuel Prices bring a focus on measurement accuracy

With fuel costs rising to more than £2 a litre for the very first time, the pricing and accuracy of fuel pumps is becoming a concern. Heart of the South West Trading Standards Service has increased checks, covering more pumps and will publish the results in the coming months. Mark Peacock from Heart of the South West Trading Standards Service said: “Testing petrol pumps for accuracy is a particularly important part of our work as, unlike most purchases of goods by weight or volume, the actual amount of fuel that goes into the tank is never actually seen by the consumer. They only have the pump meter and their fuel gauge to rely on, therefore, any detriment to the consumer is difficult to spot”. Read the full article. Cx Trading Standards – part of Civica's Cx Regulatory Services cloud software – helps Trading Standards Officers quickly tackle unfair practices. Officers can access real-time information and case records from any device, anywhere, freeing up staff time and reducing administration. It increases officer readiness and supports informed and consistent decision making.

Blog posted jointly with: Emily Douglin Managing Director, Civica Regulatory Services

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