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Food Standards Agency Survey

A recent survey conducted by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) revealed the majority of respondents think that all businesses should be required by law to display their food hygiene rating. Businesses in England are asked to display their food hygiene rating. However, in Wales and Northern Ireland it is a legal requirement. Scotland has a different system. The survey, conducted between November 2020 and January 2021, revealed that 87% of respondents had heard of the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS), but only 50% knew a lot about it. Other surveys commissioned by the FSA reveal consumers don’t have confidence in the food supply chain. In November 2021, 35% of people had concerns about the quality of food produced in the UK compared to 26% in December 2020. Read full article here.

Integrate digital technology to meet food safety standards

Cx Environmental Health – part of Civica's Cx Regulatory Services cloud software – helps you to stay ahead in your regular inspections. It allows you to adopt new working practices whilst delivering robust public health initiatives. With Cx, you can manage any type of service demand such as food hygiene, noise complaints, accidents and infectious diseases. It supports officers in saving time and simplifies data return reporting including LAEMS, FHRS, PWS, LAE1.

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Emily Douglin Managing Director, Regulatory Services

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