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Follow-up to Flytipping Blog

Further to the Flytipping Blog post I wrote on December 31st 2021, here's a follow-up

The Government has unveiled a new proposal to deal with fly-tipping and illegal waste exports, that also considers the introduction of mandatory digital waste tracking. The new licensing reform and the implementation of a digital waste tracking system will improve transparency in the sector and make it easier for households to check their waste is being disposed of legally. Environment minister, Jo Churchill, said: "Together, these reforms will stop criminals abusing the waste system and make it easier to prosecute offenders successfully." Read full article here.

Digital technology to help tackle waste crime

With Civica's Cx Regulatory Services Software, officers can track down illegal activities and waste crime quickly and effectively. The cloud and offline mobile solution automates processes such as, responding to requests and complaints. Public protection teams can access real-time information on-the-go, from any location - increasing productivity by over 40%.

Blog post published jointly with: Emily Douglin Managing Director, Regulatory Services.

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