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Data - thing of beauty and frustration

I’m looking for some customers to talk about data! It’s long been a thing of beauty and source of pain for most of us. It brings the opportunity to learn new things and evolve what we do in response to changing attributes; however, it is gets in a mess it is no use to anyone…

At Civica the team are researching ways to help clean up date more efficiently so it can be used more frequently and to a better end. To facilitate this, we first want to learn about the problems you have with data:

  • Is your data in a perfect state? If so, how do you keep it like that? If not, what’s wrong with it?

  • What % of your data to you think it in a state where you can’t use it?

  • How does imperfect data impact your operations?

  • What is the biggest barrier to keeping your data clean?

  • If you attempt to keep your data clean, how do you do this?

Please email me your answers as your thoughts and opinions are very valuable to us. We must understand a problem before prescribing what could be done about it.


Em! 😊

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