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Crackdown on Off-Licences

Ealing’s trading standards and licensing teams joined forces with police last week to inspect several off-licences in Southall. The best practice operation aims to reduce street drinkers causing nuisance and harassing lone females. The joint operation was carried out to remind the off-licence owners of their legal obligations to support the council’s efforts to curb street drinking. Failure to non-compliance could lead to a review and potential removal of their alcohol licence. Read the full article here.

Manage licensing and ASB issues effectively to safeguard your community

Cx Community Safety, Licensing Management and Trading Standardscloud software, automates tasks and creates a customisable dashboard for better case management. Intelligent search and advanced displays allow officers to create a web of intelligence, helping draw connections and conclusions. Moreover, it enables officers to adhere to best practice, report and record data from anywhere giving 24/7 access to customers and officers.

Blog posted jointly with Emily Douglin Managing Director, Regulatory Services

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