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Can we do more to manage Homelessness?

The Governments’ recent figures of homelessness data revealed that nearly 397 households became homeless every day between July and September 2021. Stressing upon it further, Cllr David Renard, housing spokesperson for the Local Government Association, said: “The end to the eviction ban brought in to protect tenants during the pandemic has undoubtedly contributed to this rise in households threatened with homelessness from the private sector, and councils are eager to work with government on a plan to safeguard tenants. The Government should also bring forward its pledge to end ‘no fault evictions’ in their entirety. Read full article here.

Manage housing enforcement remotely

With Civica's Cx Housing Enforcement software, officers can manage housing regulatory issues more efficiently. It’s in the cloud, helping enforcement teams to improve residents' health and safety with fast inspections using intuitive built-in assessments. Additionally, officers will speed up risk monitoring by capturing and calculating risk scores, on the spot, as housing inspections are completed.

Blog posted jointly with: Emily Douglin Managing Director, Regulatory Services

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