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Calling all System Managers!

We Miss You!

What seems like a long time ago, when we held in-person meetings, we enjoyed the opportunity to informally discuss issues and share ideas and best practice during breakout sessions and chats over lunch, coffee etc.

The online sessions we have been running over the last two years have been well attended and really useful, but we are very aware that the social, informal aspect of the Community has been missing, and we would like to try and recreate that virtually.

We have discussed this in Leadership meetings and felt that it would be useful to facilitate some more informal, quarterly gatherings using Teams, giving us the opportunity to catch up and share information with each other. We would look to gather some System Managers initially, but if it is successful, and there is interest, perhaps sessions covering specific service areas or subjects could also be run.

Of course, social sessions work better with smaller numbers, so we would look to gather maybe ten people per session, but if there is lots of demand, I am sure we could arrange other dates, as we wouldn’t want anybody to feel left out! We also understand that everyone is busy – so the sessions could be kept to around an hour.

Data remains a hot topic across many sites, with GDPR, system migrations and the like not going away, so the first session would encourage discussion on that theme – future sessions can follow your lead – what do you want to talk about?

So, if you are interested in joining in to share what you do, discuss what’s new, show and tell things you are pleased with or proud of, ask for help or suggest ways to do things better, not to mention having a catch up (we haven’t seen each other for a while!), let us know in the comments.

We would also really like to know what you think about this idea –

  • · Would you like us to run this type of session?

  • · Is there anything specific you want us to cover in them?

  • · Is an hour the right amount of time to schedule?

  • · Is there a preference for timing – morning, afternoon or lunchtime for example?

All feedback will be gratefully received, and we look forward to grabbing a cuppa and seeing you on screen soon!

Kevin Davies APP Cx Community Leadership Team

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