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7 Tech Trends that may follow the Pandemic

As we entered 2021, we eagerly waited for the moment when the pandemic threat would end and we could return to ‘normal’ life. Instead, we have endured a further 12 months of varying restrictions, freedom and threats. Yet, our spirit of innovation has soared. Closer to home, our way of living and working has evolved into a blended pattern that looks set to continue. For many of us, this has presented an opportunity to rethink and change.

Discover the 7 Tech Trends that look to impact the way we live and deliver public services in 2022:

  1. Personalisation as a service

  2. AI + Human Collective Intelligence = ?

  3. Embracing the hybrid life

  4. A smarter society

  5. Trust as the new currency

  6. Supercharged digital democracy

  7. Rising social consciousness

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2022 and beyond is likely to see us refine our expectations and assumptions of this new way of life, and it is no different for public sector services. Innovative technology and adopting to smarter ways of working will change how councils engage with citizens. Civica's Cx Regulatory Services software allows public protection teams to deliver responsive services. It’s flexible design allows you to cater to demands with ease. With case management at its core, all regulatory services tasks can be managed using one platform. You will cut out paper processes, reduce administration and boost productivity up to 40% by streamlining applications and inspections.

Explore Civica's Cx Regulatory solutions:

  • Community Safety

  • Environmental Health

  • Housing Assistance

  • Housing Enforcement

  • Licensing

  • Trading Standards

Blog post published jointly with:

Managing Director, Regulatory Services

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