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No need to request an invite, all members notified before each event.

: Mastering Pivot Tables (and other Excel tips) - re watch it on the forum now!

May 28th:  Data Management – keep your system fit and healthy

June 18th: Thinking outside of the box, adapting APP to fit your needs.

June 26th: System managers meet-up

July: Capturing data with User-Defined Windows

August: Mobile Working - what do you need from it?

September: Use of Civica’s Personal Data Management Toolkit.

September 18th: System managers meet-up

October: Members online meeting

November: Streamline your activities with Action Diary Templates

December: Resourcing a project to move from APP to Cx (or elsewhere) - Data Management

December 18th: System managers meet-up

January: Maintaining data quality - mitigating against poor data input.

February: Intelligence led enforcement.

March: Best practice recording activity time (for management and charging)

March 19th: System managers meet-up

For Cx Users: facilitated ‘Cx Adopters’ online sessions every 3 weeks


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