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Citizen contact: what's next for digital comms?

Covid has pretty much pressed the fast-forward button on the shift for digital communications, but what's next? Do we even know what works right now?

Councils have been slowly adapting to citizens’ expectations for on-demand services for a long time and covid has increased the urgency to improve channels of digital communication; however, it's easy to see that we're still at the early stages of the journey. There are still improvements that could be made in order to truly make the citizen experience an exemplar one and reduce officer administration time.

But where do we start with these improvements? There are lots of unanswered questions. What is the right digital communication tool to use and when? How do we make digital communication inclusive? What will citizens use the digital channels for the most and how will this change over time?

For us, we'd like to help and start with the basics. What problem needs solving first? With this in mind, we're doing some research into the simplest requests that take up a disproportionate amount of officer time. To help us help you can you tell me, what are the most common, simple regulatory services requests you get from citizens?

Please respond to the survey linked here: Regulatory Services Survey (

Best wishes


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